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2 definitions by otirhub

Someone who has been snowboarding forever but somehow still rips it while other people his/her age are old and decrepit. It implies that he/she has been snowboarding since the time of dinosaurs.
Bro 1: "Dude! That guy's been shreddin' this place forever!" Bro 2: "I know, he's a shredasaurus!"
by otirhub July 15, 2010
Barry Buhr has been snowboarding longer than any other known human. He also invented the snowboard. His actual age is not known.

synonymous with: shredasaurus
Bro 1 :"Dude, look at that old guy shreddin' the pipe. He must be like, 50 and he's still better than us."

Bro 2: "No shit, maybe it's Barry Buhr"
by otirhub July 15, 2010