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2 definitions by oswaldino

In Australia or New Zealand: A person who believes they are not a bogan when in fact they display some or all of the traits of typical bogans such as latent alcoholism and lack of intelligence. A fauxgan reading this description would be easily identifiable as they would pronounce it forksgan, much like a bogan.
Fauxgan: look at those bogan dumb cunts
Friend: (cough) you used the phrase dumb cunt and you're holding a can of woodstock bourbon.
Fauxgan: Are you callin me a bogan? I'll smash ya cunt!
by oswaldino November 27, 2010
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A newly formed cult that manufactures lesbians under the guise of being a type of sport. Facets include: women giving themselves violent, masculine nicknames; wearing fishnet stockings and pushing each other over; ritual selection of "derby wives" whereby each female member chooses another female member to get drunk and makeout with and then tag and comment each other on facebook about said drunkenness and make out sessions.
Friend 1: Hey did you know Cass is a lesbian?
Friend 2: It was bound to happen, she's been into roller derby for a while now.
by oswaldino November 04, 2010
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