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1 definition by order guzman

1. Entertainer who often draws articulate, well thought out written opinions that highlight his deficiencies as a comedian by pointing out his plagiarism, lack of originality, and inauthenticity.

2. Entertainer who draws largely inarticulate, nonsensical, badly-worded written opinions often riddled with misspellings praising his comedic talent.
1. Carlos Mencia would just be another in a long line of unimaginative comics beating to death the "I'm Latino" premise, but his lack of originality is compounded by his inauthenticity, exemplified in the changing of his name to something that sounded more 'authentically' Latino.

To make things worse, and perhaps most damning of all, are the documented claims of plagiarism made by several comedians. Mencia has been accused of copying bits from George Lopez, Ari Shaffir, and Bill Cosby, among others.

2. man i dont care carlos mencia still hella cool shit it dont matter shit hes funny as fuck dont hate on the homie. seriously, the jokes were kinda similar, but not really, and anywayz, mencias was WAY funnier "so who gives a flying fuck" if you dotn lik him than your DEE DEE DEE!!
by order guzman April 05, 2007