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An online game which is so addictive it takes alot away from the player by ruining their lives and if they ever try to leave it they find that the company deleted their account which causes them to start all over again like a never ending cycle of being trapped in it: also see Final Fantasy XI
kid: man my account got hacked yesterday, now I gotta start all over again
man: I know my account got deleted from not being played so im going to start again too
by opinionated person May 14, 2005
Another extremely addictive online game just like Diablo II only this one even has a warning to it "Do not let this game interfere with your social life" but obviosly people seem to ignore it it takes up all of most peoples waking hours missing school and work just to play: also see Diablo II
Joe: Where has ben been for the last month he hasnt been in school at all
Jeff: Remember he started playing final fantasy XI again hes almost up to 3 months online thats a fucking lot of hours
Dan: Just think of it as if he's dead cause we'll never see him again
by opinionated person May 14, 2005

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