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1 definition by one which descends

The name Jordan can refer to several things. As a name, it comes from the Hebrew Yarden, meaning "one which descends", and assimilated into Latin as Jordanus. In Arabic it is Urdunn, in Italian Giordano, in Spanish Jord¨¢n, in Afrikaans Jordaan, in French Jourdain, and in Catalan Jord¨¤.

Eastern Europe and Asian referances to this name:

Name in chinese and japanese characters mean to flow, to fall down, relating to the river jordan but also to the latin "one which descends".

Person 1: Is his name Jordan?
Person 2: Yeah, the name probably got named after the river.
Person 1: Not true, Christian properties of the name were probably thought of first.
by one which descends July 28, 2007