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The earliest mass forming of Christians into one religion, known as the Catholic Church, latin meaning "Unity or Unified church". Until the 1500's, was the only large-scale "Christian" Church. Notorious for its harsh defense of original Christian doctrines of salvation and related issues. Also by far the largest Christian organization. Follows the Pope, who is the successor of the apostle Peter to whom Christ gave "...the keys to the kingdom of heaven". The infallibility (not be confused with impeccability, the pope is a man, not a perfect man) is attributed to the ability of the Pope to be able to make "infallible" statements on the doctrine of faith. When this occurs, the Pope will let it be known that the statement is "infallible".
Catholicism is based on the written and oral teachings of Christ and his Apostles. They also use the original bible, in contrast to Protestants who use and create their beliefs according to new interpretations of the "slimmed-down" version of the bible created by Martin Luther in order to support his own beliefs.
Peter was the founder of Catholicism.
by one armed bandit October 23, 2005

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