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1. a noun used to describe sluts of the highest level: a skankish bitch who is usually antisocial, short, blonde, flat chested and pathetic. one such girl is often mistaken for a boy and dresses skankish to compensate her male like structure. outfits may include miniskirts miniskirts and more miniskirts, shortshorts, skintight jeans, floss, g strings, tights, and nothing but tanktops and small shirts to expose her miniscule breast. stephanieees tend to stick to the shadows and be as pansexual as they get.... can be referred to as a nympho but not in a good way, tend to stick anything they can find up their floppy vaginas and are fueled by cum

2. another word for guanaria, herpes, siphallis, crabs, or the mythical Guanherpesiphaids
WOW, shes been acting like such a Stephanieee lately, screwed her boyfriend, then his best friend, her girl best friend, all 14 of her cats and i think shes going for her oven!?

Man u should go get checked out for Stephanieee after sticking your junk in that cum dumpster
by not that kinda girl October 23, 2011

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