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Northampton is a large town in the centre of England. It is known as the native home of the "chav", as they crowd the entrance of the infamous and disgusting and grotty shopping centre and they spit at you when you try to enter. Not only do they swarm the town centre, they are popular on the Jeremy Kyle Show, and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
The bus station stinks of piss, and the stench knocks you out as you enter it. Not only is the smell of urine prominent, it is almost certain you will contract HIV or AIDS if you touch the handrail of the escalators.
All in all there are about four decent shops in the entire town, and it lacks any form of Starbucks. The council recently invested in a large fountain outside Burger King near the Market Square, but that had to be shut down as someone caught cholera from it or something. That basically sums up Northampton.
Standing on Abington Street in the town centre in a large group or lurking outside Topshop in the shopping centre is often considered a social event and on Saturdays it is not uncommon to witness the streets of the town centre being swarmed with crusty 10 year old prostitute look a likes, and even in the depths of winter all girls seem to feel the need to wear bum-cheek revealing shorts and crop tops and stand shivering in the market square shouting insults to passersby.
Also it is not uncommon for the girls share boys like a shisha.
As you can tell Northampton is often overcome with tourists no matter what time of year.
person 1: "How was your holiday?"
person 2: "It was the worst place I had ever visited!! A chav infested shithole! SO GRIM"
person 1: "Take it you went to Northampton?"
by nire_69 November 26, 2012

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