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A bong tokes in which the bowl is packed with a mixture of tobacco and weet. Known to be much more dominating than straight green. See rocker and moiler.
"Maul hoots fo' life"
by nigs G June 09, 2009
One who represents both rastafarian and gangsta culture. A rare breed, yet we're often well-liked.
"I've only ever seen a couple gangstafarians in my life!"
by Nigs G June 17, 2009
A bong hoot, most often a maul hoot, with a drop of hash oil placed on top of the hoot. Used frequently for getting a massive nicotine rush and simultaneously getting ripped.
"I'm stoked on this maul hoot!"
"hold on a sec, I'll give you a drop of oil for a moiler."
by Nigs G June 09, 2009
a hoot packed so tightly into a glass or metal bong bowl, that the top of the chronic forms a small mound that extends beyond the rim of the bowl.
"damn, that kainer wrecked me.''
by nigs G June 09, 2009
The period of time in which a person is incapacitated after spicing out - usually accompanied by sickened groans and more puking.
"Fuck, I smoked an eighth of maul hoots and had a mass spice out session last night."
by Nigs G June 17, 2009
a maul hoot mixed with hash. also known as a masher.
"I've got some hash, let's rip some mashers boys"
"Mash hoots to the dome!"
by Nigs G June 09, 2009
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