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Believe it or not, it can be a girl's name! Girls named Aj typically love their names, even though they may be asked if it's a boy's name or if it stands for 'apple juice'. Sometimes they might be dubbed 'Ajax' like the detergent but that isn't their fault.

They are friendly, impatient but not demanding. They can be a little bit stubborn, but they aren't selfish and if you're their friend or someone they care deeply about they will teach themselves to be patient with you. They have a hard time releasing past incidents, and letting go of grudges can be a struggle. They make great friends, and although they are usually low-key they can get crazy, usually at parties or on summer nights.

They often have small facial features, and are small and pretty. They have cute expressions like scrunching their nose.
"Do you remember Aj/Ajax?"

"Fuck yeah, she's adorable."
by nickelback sucks February 25, 2013

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