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Quickly becoming one of the worst public schools in Delaware, Newark High Schools is known for stabbings, students bringing in guns, and fights on an everyday occurrence. Other than the copious amounts of drug-dealing ghetto kids, Newark has a large assortment of other sucky people. White 'thugs', heavy drug-users, and goth kids who has so many chains on their pants that it tops 30 pounds, we have it all. Also, Newark is known for being extremely poor. 95% of the class rooms have no technology, and even when we do, it usually gets stolen or vandalized by the students. Sports teams are extremely average, though teams sometimes have successful seasons. Possibly the most redeemable thing about Newark is the amount of AP classes offered. Newark is known for turning perfectly normal kids into douche-baggy drug users. Newark is so bad that it's hard to believe that it was ranked one of the best high schools not too long ago.
Kid from other school: So what happened at Newark High School today?
Newark Kid: Well I was late to English because there was a group of girls doing the stanky leg in the hallway. Later, in my computer class, there was a fight, yet there was not really any discipline action. Then I went to lunch, where I found a nappy hair in my soggy french fries while a kid got stabbed out in the hallway. Oh, and I got my cell phone and wallet stolen. Typical day.

Kid from other school: Oh that sucks! Wanna hang out later?

Newark Kid. Nah, I'm going to chill at Newark and smoke some weed. Maybe take some zannies. Who knows.
by newarksucks August 12, 2009

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