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23 definitions by negabit

Having a conversation while not intoxicated. Generally used to postpone the remainder of a conversation until both parties are sober.

Putting off a conversation until everyone involved is capable of making good decisions.
Hey Maria, let's soberchat later, k? I don't want to profess my love for anyone tonight.
by negabit May 08, 2010
A festival of drunkness. A gathering of many people for the sole purpose of being fucked up. Derived from drunk activities.
Hey Lauren, are you coming out to participate in the drunktivities.
by negabit March 17, 2010
Playing video games, a sport, or engaging in any other competitive activity while intoxicated. This excludes racing games because you shouldn't drink and drive.
Hey Kyra, get the lightsaber app for your iTouch so we can drunkbattle.
by negabit April 27, 2010
Entertainment that's actually fun. A combination of two exciting things into a conglomerate of awesome.
Hey Lauren, this Harry Potter shit is some pretty good funtertainment when you're stoned. Jen is on the floor cracking up.
by negabit March 21, 2010
To write poorly. To express an idea in a manner that does not make any fucking sense. To speak like a middle schooler. TO FAIL AT THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Hey Maria, your friend Rick totally failticulated that whole sentence. WTF did he mean?
by negabit July 09, 2010
The act of working as a receptionist.
Hey Evelyn, what does this company that you receptionize for do?
by negabit July 07, 2010
Stalling to pass a budget.
Are they still budgetcrastinating up in Albany? They're never gonna pass that thing.
by negabit June 21, 2010