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i guess ahme really knows their shit huh? its funny how you think that ndp sucks when really you either couldnt get in or one of us rejected you...in either case, im real sorry. that sucks. as for the definition of ndp, let me set a few things straight:

-yes we love to eat.
-no we are not bullemic or aneorexic, i'm sorry that you are fatter.
-no we are not sluts.
-yes your boyfriends love us, don't hate us because we're hot.
-yes some of us make out with our friends.
-no we are not lesbians...once again, your boyfriends love us.
-yes gym meet rocks, often immitaded never dublicated.
-no you will never understand gym meet if you don't go to ndp.
-no maryvale's can't compare.
-yes we can drink.
-yes we do drugs.
-no we are not crackwhores.
-yes our uniforms are ugly.
-yes we make them look hotter then you ever could.
-yes we date loyola boys, calvert hall boys, st. paul's boys, BL boys....the list goes on.
-no we do not wear ribbons on our heads, time to update the stereotype.
-yes we will go to a better college then you
-no we will never forget one another when we go
-yes we will marry rich, drive suburbans, and be milfs
-yes you will be working for our husbands
-no we are not snobs
-yes we are better then you ever could be
-no you are not cooler then us.
-dude there's an ndp girl
-man..i wish i could be like her
by ndp pride May 03, 2005

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