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A book created by some bishop named Pyrenaeus (assuming I spelled that right) consisting of four gospels that happened to not contradict each other out of the other thirty some-odd gospels that did. He used only four gospels because he believed that four was a nice number i.e. four ways that the wind can blow, four elements, etc. He, along with several other christians, tried to burn the other gospels along with the gnostics who still believed in them in support of his new book. Although he failed in eliminating the competion, he did succeed in creating one of the greatest fictional works in history that has touched billions (some harder than others) in ways that are unparalled to any other book.
If all one has to do is put a book together like the bible to rule the world and/or cause chaos, than what on Earth am I doing with my life?
by national geographic watcher June 02, 2006

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