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1. any person who can not be classified as white, black, asian, hyspanic, etc as they tend to have at least 2 of the above races in their blood.

2. Most of the time well rounded people who show no signs of racism. they are often a bland contradiction to all racial stereotypes. they have the best of both (or as many as they belong to) worlds and tends to be very appreciative of the cultural richness around them.

However, they are sadly the victems of racist remarks. they are often outcasted from non-cosmopolitan societies. they take the pride of belonging to all the cultures they belong to and all the languages they speak. sadly, they also have to take all the crap racist idiots have to say about every single one of their races.

3. often icredibly smart and beautiful poeple who do most things they lay their hands on very well.

"You look interesting, are you mixed?"

"I have occupied myself!" a jewish palestinan kid.
"I had colonized myself" an English Indian kid.

"you know so many langueages and you are awesome at all you do, you have to be one of those mixed race people!"

"You stupid communist arab with a nargila" an insult directed at a person of Eastern European, Turkish and Arab decent.

by mystic fog August 06, 2006

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