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4 definitions by mybrassisbiggerthanyours

A command spoken by Peppy Hare in Star Fox 64.

An expression for what seems to be the solution to almost every impossible situation (in other words, a way of saying there is no solution.)
Okay, so... You're in a dark room, no lights, no escape, and 3 rabid werewolves on the loose. How do you get out of THAT?" "Do a barrel roll!
by mybrassisbiggerthanyours January 21, 2011
Specks of Freckles. A sparingly amount of freckles.
Someone with freckles is usually described as "covered" with freckles. That is kinda harsh, so if someone just has a few freckles, then he or she has Specks-o-Frecks.
by mybrassisbiggerthanyours July 30, 2011
A splurge of airborne vomit that has not reached the ground.
Dude! I just saw a vomit comet come right off of the Wild Thing!
by mybrassisbiggerthanyours November 15, 2010
Noun: an inside joke that confuses someone.
Verb: to confuse someone with an inside joke.
You: "Potatoes!" *laughs*; Friend: "You just wahmed me..." or "That was a wahm... wasn't it?"
by mybrassisbiggerthanyours August 28, 2010