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A handheld device, or PDA/personal digital assistant, running Palm OS and manufactured by Palm Computing. They are used to "organize" through things like To-Do lists and a Contacts database, but also support games, Word documents, and more.

Note: These are not the same as a "PalmPilot." PalmPilots were one of the first (pilot) versions of the Palm. Modern Palms have names like Palm T|X or Tungsten E2.
The new Palm T|X includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
by mussavcom January 29, 2006
A man who lacks functional testicles, although the proper spelling is Eunuch, where you will find many more UrbanDictionary definitions.
Children often became eunuchs/unics before puberty to achieve a more flexible singing range.
by mussavcom February 04, 2006

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