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Otherwise known as Little Green Footballs, it is a blog formerly known for exposing radical islam, their enablers, and media bias, but is now nothing more than a milquetoast left-of-center blog that is obsessed with Glenn Beck, creationism, Fox News, loony-tune guilt-by-association conspiracy theories, and threads full of incredibly boring music and tech-nerd info. The blog is also well known for it's lack of tolerance for dissenting views, as many have been blocked or banned simply for mild disagreements with it's owner. Angry former "LGF'ers" eventually formed a spin-off blog that has much better content and acceptance of differing views, filling the vaccum left by LGF when it went off the rails to the fringe left when Obama was elected president.
Bob: "Wow! I can't believe I got banned from LGF for that!"

Joe: "What did you do?"

Bob: "All I said was that I don't think Glenn Beck is as much of a threat as al-qaeda, and dude went on some sort of paranoid rant and banned me! I had been a member for 5 years!"

Joe: "Figures. That site has gone completely down the shitter in the last year."
by mremr1976 September 13, 2009
An acronym for Association of Community Organizers for Reform now, which is an organization that operates in low-income neighborhoods to help register new voters. They are a radical left-of-center group and have yet to ever support a conservative candidate. Recently, investigations in 14 different states have led to numerous convictions of ACORN employees, including things such as voter registration fraud, election fraud, perjury, identity theft, and now most recently, videos of an undercover investigation have surfaced plainly showing ACORN employees aiding a couple posing as a hooker and her pimp in getting a home in her name through illegal means including falsifying documents, tax evasion, and child prostitution. The US Census Bureau recently cut ties to the group after all of these nefarious actions came to light also. It is of the opinion of many now that ACORN is less of a community organizing group dedicated to helping low-income and minorities than it is a multi-state organized crime racket that ought be brought up on RICO charges. Barack Obama is a big supporter of ACORN as well and once served as a lawyer for the group.
Bob: "Those fuckers from ACORN ought to be locked up."

Joe: "Yeah, right along with their crooked, lying leader, Barack Hussein Obama."
by mremr1976 September 14, 2009

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