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proof that some of homosapien is actually de-evoloving back to a chimp, sorry thats insulting to chimps they at least been involved in many scientifc experiments!!!
chavs are the bottom of the genetic sess pool. they cant fight one on one they have to be in gangs to be hard, get one on his own and threaten them they shit thereselves and start crying. they have no trouble damaging stealing your car damaging your property if you stand up for your self. they wihnge all foreigners are taking there houses\jobs maybe if you got of your ass and worked for a living we wouldnt have to employ people from abroad!!!! they verbally abuse anyone with a darker shade of skin than them and genrically label them a paki as they are thick as shit, they dont realise that the indians they insult actually despise pakistan more than them. unfortunaltey for average uk citizen if you ever defend yourself aginst them you end up in court they get a slap on the wrist and start over agian, coppers are powerless as chavs know law better than half of these stupid bent laywers who probaly get huge payouts for representing them and after trying to convict them for crimes the coppers get told give em a warning or asbo which on paper is more use for wiping your ass with. best cure to deal with them??? good fashioned unrestrained street level viglantism, when chav corpses and burnt out chav houses start becoming a regular occurance maybe the government will get off its stupid weak EU ruled arse and do something mind you with our human rights act we would get a 25yr sentence whilst a criminals gets freed after a few years insted of there full sentnece and given compensation
by mr pissed off August 14, 2006
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