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well lets see... mallgoths are really cought up in a world of stupidy,cutting thyself,more stupidity, ridiculous looks of baggy long black jeans with a bunch of stupid dog chains on em,here this might be easier ,,, Mallgoth:" ahhh im so unique and different im alla bout expressing myself and just being ME n well yea im ganna try n be my own person even though i follow EVERYbody elses way of life. they r just dumb teenagers who choose to make themself look like a bunch of lonely ass holes. n the obvious shopping at HOT TOPIC. listening to marilyn manson.living at the mall. wearing make-up. thinkin that somehow putting a few slits in your wrist n watching it bleed will relieve you of your pain and cure your problems. its so fukking stupid they should fukk with it if they wanna be hurt then fine lets go give em a fukkin beatdown.they should all be shot, they wanna bleed lets make em bleed dont let em try n half ass shit. well yea.... FAGGZ and DISGRACES to the human race.they should all not be alive.
me and a friend are goin to the mall to get a few things n maybe eat, but be ready to see some fagg ass loser mallgoths.
by mr invincible4235 May 03, 2009

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