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Used as a suffix to just about any word when used in the exclamaroty sense. Can also be just "zors"
omgzors, omgxzors, lolzors, christ-on-a-lower-case-t zors, etc
by morti viventi April 20, 2005
Experts are still undecided on the meaning of this word, but have narrowed it down to two possible definitions:

1. Synonym for weight
2. A scale from 1 to 10 rating how fat a person is; 1 being Mary Kate Olsen and 10 being Sally Struthers
1. I want to lower my fat factor. Its like 357.

2. Shit! That guy must have a fat factor of 15!
by morti viventi May 06, 2005
Short for whatever. Generally board slang.

Other acceptable forms:

not so acceptable form:
Person 1: omgzors!!1!!!1!that is sooo scene!

Person 2: tevs

Person 3: touché
by morti viventi April 20, 2005
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