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(Sometimes misspelled as Coevoorden)

Fictional town in The Netherlands. No roads lead to Coevorden, no railways either. It does appear on maps, but no-one has ever been there or knows someone from Coevorden. It might be a code name for some secret militairy project. Everybody who claims to be from Coevorden or to have ever been there is part of the Coevorden-conspiracy (Dutch: Coevordencomplot). This conspiracy is probably linked to the Bielefeld-conspiracy.
X: Have you ever been in Coevorden?

Y: Sure, I was there only about two weeks ago.

X (to Z): Never trust Y again, he part of the Coevorden-conspiracy
by mmmMalf August 29, 2010
Contraction of the words sweet and horny
Actually the best kind of horny, not in a dirty, filthy way, but in a sweet way.

Comparative: swornier

Superlative: sworniest
CC is so sworny, she's the sworniest girl in the world!
by mmmMalf August 29, 2010
Contration of the words Sweet and Shorty.
Usualy used as term of adorement for a person you love who's shorter then you. Use with caution though, not everyone likes to be called short (esp. men).
CC is such a sworty, she makes me sworny!
by mmmMalf August 29, 2010
To pretend you have to leave early just to get rid of annoying person in the pub. Upon leaving the pub, make sure all your friends go in one direction and the annoying person in the other. When he/she is out of sight, it's safe to go back in a have a good time with your friends!
Man, who invited X, we had to pull a Zewald on the annoying bastard!
Good fun after he left though.
by mmmMalf October 24, 2010
Leaving the office early when your boss has left early as well.
Pulling a Vinkie is best done between, roughly, lunch and 4pm. After 4 you can't really say it's a Vinkie anymore, that's just leaving early.

If you notice colleagues doing Vinkies regularly, they are probably not happy in their work. If you see them doing it smiling, they probably already have another job elsewhere.
A: Where's the boss?

B: he left already.

A: Vinkie!

B: Dude, it's half past 5, too late for pulling a Vinkie!
by mmmMalf October 19, 2010
Wresting Takedown Federation

From South Park season 13 episode 10.
Did you see South Park last nite?

WTF, since when is SP on on Tuesday's?
by mmmMalf December 06, 2010
1. Regional Information Manager
An IT fuction within a multinational wholesale company. Rather badly chosen because of 3.

2. Research In Motion
The Canadian company behind the BlackBerry phones.
Rather badly chosen because of 3.

3. The give oral sex to another person's anus. This is calles rimming (to rim) because people tend to lick the rim of the anus and not the inner bit.
A: You should ask the RIM that.

B: The WHAT???

No wonder they are called BLACKberries, they're produced by RIM!!
by mmmMalf March 18, 2011

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