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A lovely actress born in 1978 who is..... err..... lovely!

She won the Best Actress Award at the 2006 BAFTAs for her portrayal of Esther Summerson in Bleak House.

She played Suki in Doctor Who too! Which was nice.
Anna Maxwell Martin playing Suki:

Suki:Thank you!
Doctor: Why are you thanking me?
Suki: You're my lucky charm!
Doctor: Ok! I'll hug anyone!
Suki: Wooo-hooo-hoo!
by Misterpew July 18, 2006
Achievment Free Day.
A day where you laze around and achieve nothing at all - all day.

The odd AFD is good for you.
by misterpew April 30, 2009
Fuck My Fucking God - For when you want to express surprise, but OMG isn't enough, and OMFG still isn't enough. FMFG should do the job.
Writing an example is unnecessary. You know what it means now :-) (I have to include "FMFG" in here by the way.)
by Misterpew February 19, 2012
A cute cat.
A cute cat appears which makes one say: "Awww! It's a SCHLEEB!"
by Misterpew January 01, 2012

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