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a group of quite talented lyricists and musicians.
also, WHO THE FUCK CARES WHO THE SINGER IS or what they look like, if they use eyeliner, what they wear - fuck that. seriously, if you're judging a band based on their looks or lack thereof, you are a hardcore idiot twat and no one will take you seriously.

anyone who says this band sucks just because they've heard of them from shitty people deserves to be beaten with an aluminum baseball bat. just put image aside for a minute, forget who likes them and who doesn't, forget everything you've heard, and listen to the music for what it is.

wait for a time when you're feeling really really fucking low and sad, then listen to their song 'heroine', and i dare you to say that they're bad.

you really won't be able to.
all their tracks are solid but give that song a listen next time you're breaking down.
it may just save something in you.
from first to last makes me happy.
by mina loves you <3 June 13, 2007

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