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incredible song by the used off their new album (that surprisingly doesn't suck at all even though we all thought it would)
it. will. fucking. BLOW YOUR MIND.
it makes me wanna get fucked hard. :)

it's about zombies.
zombies turn me on. bert turns me on. very win/win.
loser kid: "blah blah blah some shit about shit"

sweet kid: "sorry what? wake the dead just came on and i fucking creamed my pants again. this is getting ridiculous."

loser kid: "you what?"

save your day, listen to it NOW!!!!!
by mina loves you May 25, 2007
pronounced nicky, it is NOT derogatory or insulting at all. also, anyone who tells you it's short for n*gger is fucking stupid. smack them.
pretty much just a more affection version of dude/kid/etc.
commonly used by teenagers in jersey. usually used as a greeting, term of endearment, among friends, a way to get someone's attention.
a: "sup nkke? wanna catch a zombie flick tonight?"

b: "yo nkke get me some beer while you're out, k?"

x: "you... got me a... human heart...? you're... you're the best boyfriend ever!! i love you nkke!!!" <3
by mina loves you May 25, 2007

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