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A very popular corporation that provides slightly-below-exceptional internet, television, phone, and mobile phone service. It's service of very high quality has a major drawback, it's high prices. For it's price, it includes some holes in customer service. When there are interactions with Verizon and other corporations, such as Brighthouse and MetroPCS, it pretty much ruins those services, as if Verizon is a huge bull and other corporations are goats trying to challenge it. For the highest quality, get Verizon, but for a better price/quality ratio, get at&t, DirecTV or Brighthouse for tv/internet/phone.
"My friend with verizon called me again. it destroyed my MetroPCS phone and now i have to get a new one. This has happened 4 times already."

"Verizon may be the best, but my DirecTV is pretty good too for a more affordable price."

"My neighbors subscribed to Verizon services. Now my Brighthouse television is getting fuzzy and staticy and im losing telephone connection, and now my internet says 'High speed internet provided by Verizon'."*true story*
by milktatious October 16, 2010
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