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show- the horrible excuse for a "show"(should it be even called that) is about 16-year-old Miley "Man Whore" Stewart who is a "Normal" Teenage "Girl" by day and a "Popstar" by night! Miley ceases to fit in because of her southern ancestery(people of the south are killed in california o:) and is often made fun of. she is also the entitled "Cock-sucking Queen", due to her sleeping with fellow co-stars Mitchel Musso, Jason Earles, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

person- hannah montana is a dried-up, hoe, skank, and wannabe black person. she always uses words like "ya'll" and "YAY!" to arrouse her young fans. what her fans don't know is that she could give two craps about them, and has been seen calling one little girl a "stupid bitch". her "counterpart" miley cyrus is just as bad. miley's boyfriend, a 20-year-old, has given many comments saying that his girlfriend has given him a BJ and that it was the worst experience ever for him(he even had to put on a paper bag and mask to hide her ugliness.
-> Also Hannah is racist against asians and black people. Did you know that she got in trouble for calling a black person a "nigger"? And that she HATES YOUR CHILDREN?! fucking cock sucking bitch :D
Random Person - Who fucking cares you little douche bag *kills both hannah and the kid*

Hannah - HI PARENTS! I encourage your kids to hate black people and asians. And I take your money because you are stupid douche bags! =]
Parent 1 - BOO YOU SUCK!
Parent 2 - Go back to sucking your boyfriend's dick.

Girl - Mommy, can I watch Hannah Montana now?
Mom - You know that that is forbidden.

Girl 2 - I googled hannah montana, and all i got was "teenage hoe" and got weird pictures
Guy - Because Hannah Montana is a hoe. She sucks her bf's dick and anyone else's for a quick buck.
by miley cyrus hater April 22, 2009

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