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The phrase to describe a situation where you have a large number of facebook 'friends,' some of whom know things about you that they could post that you do not want other friends to know about.

This is a situation best managed by having the correct privacy settings, deleting some of your friends off Facebook and not initiating any posts yourself, thereby preventing a situation where a friend reveals a fact about you that you do not wish someone else knowing about.
Oh sh*t! The surprise party for Fiona will be no surprise if i dont delete that post I made with the comment from Dave about bringing the drinks on Thursday! Time for some Facebook Friend Faction Management!
by mids28 April 04, 2010
Where dance music will head in the early 2020s. After another decade or so fo evolution, dubsetp will mutate into forms with successive layers of two timeness to create tribstep, quatrestep, cinqstep (which will fuse with blues to form Cinqstep Blue) and infinitumstep where the track two times itself until completion. Successive three-time waltz dance will also emerge, as well as fractal beat, where bars of music take on irrational number values mirrored in Nature, such dance tracks will usually be 3DVJd to successive zooming and leaving fractal style shapes.
(A clubber going to an underground geometricore set in 2023)

I remember the days when you could get some good old fashioned drum n bass. I dont syn (short for synergise, 2020s speak for 'dig' ) with this geometricore nonsense!
by mids28 November 08, 2009
The phenomenon of going to a party or large social event and finding that either you don't really know anyone and you feel uncomfortable enough to want to leave early or simply that people are coupling off an creating a 'six of them and one of you' effect.

However, to leave you feel obliged to announce the fact which you find embarrassing, as a result of your lack of social contribution to the event. Therefore you feel it requires less awkwardness to stay at an event you would rather get out of there and then.
That party was dreadful. It was all Steve and his Leicester Uni crew and if you weren't in the 'Scott Hall Three' massive you couldn't follow the thread of what they were going on about. I tried to contribute but ended up in a 2 hour embarrassment hole pretending to watch the late movie on Five while they reminisced about 'Carnage' on Leicester High Street in the mid Nineties.
by mids28 November 01, 2009
Also called neo-happy hardcore. What hardcore may evolve into as an early 2010s backlash against darkcore.

Hardcore music consisting of ridiculously sentimental lyrics, piano riffs make a return, increasingly higher and higher notes make their way onto the track and the beat regularly exceeds 200bpm.
(to booming beats) 'A million shining rainbows light the sky' (piano riffs) ' A palette of spectral colours and they're mine' (more piano riffs) ' Stick out your danicing tongue lets dine dine dine.'

Raver 1:- (not on drugs) ' Christ, the hardcore at HTID41 is a bit mad!

Raver 2:- (on several Es) 'I love it! I love you! I love life! GIZZA HUG! EUPHORICORE!'
by mids28 September 26, 2009
The opposite of nightcore. Generally consists of fast house/happy hardcore tracks slowed down to sound like they are being sung by male vocalists.
'Who's that bloke singing Britney Spears songs?'

'Its Britney - just slowed down into a daycore track.'
by mids28 December 18, 2013
'Referooing' and 'referooed' are verbs to describe football games where the referee's bias, incompetence or poor decisions have a bigger influence on the game than what the players themselves do.
'When France beat Ireland to qualify for the World Cup 2010, the fact that the referee did not disallow the goal for handball means the game was well and truly referooed.
by mids28 April 04, 2010
A form of backslang and bastardised French with 'agreements' added on to the end of words spoken in the Midlands in the 1990s.
Omelette krow e ya it zeet, un bol a commissariat et un boite de chocolat sa y a y a y - is the Clive language for homework!

Other good examples:-
Mobile Phone-Angeruf de mobiley bonjour
Toffee Crisp-Eefot it spirc but prom
Videoworld-Dlrow d'o'div it deet
by mids28 December 17, 2009

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