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1 definition by michael dunlop lad

Cadhla is an old irish name meaning beautiful. shes usually compassionate, loyal and shy around people they dont know. She is smart in a way, funny (even in the sick humorus way), loving, cares alot about her family and especially her friends, a sholder to cry on, a good friend, she'd take a bullet for anyone even if she didn't know them, she would cry at a funeral even if the person wasn't related or didn't even know her. she tends to be very emotional, all in all, she's hard to understand, hard to describe any further, she's not normal, but she's not wierd, she's just cadhla!
did you hear robert today? he was acting rather cadhla!

(cadhla is pronounced - KAY-LA)
by michael dunlop lad December 05, 2011