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An outdated name that was popular in the 1970's and 80's.

The subject of a movie about mean popular girls.

An overused boring name like Ashley, Jennifer, or Tiffany.

Sometimes can be a popular girl, usually sort of funny and gets along well with guys. Might be pretty or have a laid back personality. When gone bad, they are your worst nightmare.

A name for most women over 20.

40 years from now the name Heather will be equivalent to Phyllis, Opal, Or Pearl. It is a future old lady name.

It's also a purple bell shaped flowering shrub.
I would never name my kid Heather. That's such an old lady name.

I know like 30 Heathers, I had three in every class I was in.

Look at the pretty Heather on the fields over there!
by mewing muse February 02, 2010

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