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shit in a can.
stupid ass) man limp bizkit is soo cool
anyone with semi-decent musical taste)yea so is my grandmas 80-year-old pussy, u stupid fuck
by mathias hughey January 01, 2004
any character who suffers the effects of mental retardation and is very angry/disgruntled.
they need to stop encouaging that angretard, shes gonna kill someone
by mathias hughey January 07, 2004
a person who finds great joy in excpressing their dislike for obeisity by causing their boy/girlfrien to loose weight; typically through such means as anorexia nervosa or excessive sexual conduct.
Tina, that defatafier, look at how skinny her boyfriend is now. he used to be so funny but now he's skinny. Damn
by mathias hughey November 06, 2003
1)the process by which someone looses or removes their own or someone elses retard propperties.
2)lacking the properties of a retard
you need to get unretarded u stupid fuck
by mathias hughey January 09, 2004
any orifice of said individual that is typically concelled from view, and is large enough for that individual to insert one or more fingers into it.
im gonna fuck your tortcake (ass) till it bleeds motha fucka
by mathias hughey December 23, 2003
Mathias James Hughey III, an excessivlly hairy, blond, lazy, smart ass mother. who for many centuries has lived in dangerously snowy conditions where his excessive amounts of hair have kept him hidden and warm. often seen naked.
man i saw the fucking snow yeti flip and omelet with his cock, it was fucking awesome!!!
by mathias hughey December 29, 2003

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