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When a person or thing arrives or appears at the wrong time.
I made sure that I had the right date and time because I didn't want to misappear like the last time I was invited to a party at their place and I arrived a whole week early!
#appear #misappeared #arrived #misplaced #displaced
by mastacdog October 12, 2011
A measurement of the people power used by large crowds, usually thousands in size or bigger, to resist the forces of authority, usually police forces but also military forces; the protest at Portland in 2011 being an exemplar.
Earlier Mayor Sam Adams threatened to close the camp. Portland Police Department officers were ready to close parks for protesters, but having faced massive resistance they had to retreat.
#non-conformity #defiance #people power #defense #massive attack
by mastacdog November 14, 2011
A Photoshop term meaning to make larger.
The logo is so small it doesn't stand out against the background so I will have to transbigify it.
#bigger #larger #increase #grow #smaller
by mastacdog October 12, 2011
A portmanteau combining but and except.
Mia wanted more icecream butcept there wasn't any left.
#but #except #exception #alas #unfortunately
by mastacdog October 12, 2011
The situation where an individual or group has an over-supply of chocolate.
After Bill came home from the store with a box each of Mallo, Milky Way and Mars Bars he found his wife had just bought the same; they had a real chocglut. They felt like real chocgluttons
#chocolate #chocglutton #glut #cocoa #glutton
by mastacdog October 09, 2011
A person who has an oversupply of chocolate.
Bill returned home with a box each of Mallo, Milky Way and Mars Bars. What a chocglutton!
#glut #glutton #chocolate #cocoa #chocglut
by mastacdog October 09, 2011
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