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An Indian (of the country of India-n decent) who is an Uncle Tom. An ethnic Indian person who distances himself from his people and culture to appear more white.
Bobby Jindall is so white--he's the original Uncle Bobby!
#bobby jindall #uncle tom #tom #jindall #racist
by MaryMooCow July 10, 2015
a stupid girl who doesn't listen to what her best friend tells her to do and goes out with guys that rape you from the back
wow! thats the worst gauri i've ever seen
#stupid #matt #benjamin #queer #strange
by marymoocow January 22, 2008
a queer sophmore at churchill that takes steroids
wow did u see that nikhil come out of the weight room?
#buff #steroids #gym #churchill #queer #odd
by marymoocow January 22, 2008
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