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return to a pre-modernist
old-style masculinity, where men present themselves as macho, hanging-
out-with-your-mates, beer-swilling, sexist chaps. Menaissance is a word compound from Men and Renaissance(of 'real men').
* Daily Mail, 12 Jul. 2006: Of course, advocates of the Menaissance
may argue that we shouldn't be too concerned about what kind of a
man women want these days. Isn't that, they would say, the way we
arrived at simpering metrosexuals desperate to please their other

* Philadelphia Inquirer, 8 Apr. 2006: A woman friend tells me
there's a desperate need for a "menaissance." Many women are weary
of sensitive emo-boys and metrosexuals.

Explanation and examples quoted from http://www.worldwidewords.org.
by margareta July 30, 2006

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