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Santee (also known as klantee) is located in east county, SD. This sums it up:

tatoos, high black socks, peckerwoods, bmx, meth amphetamines, trailor parks, lifted trucks, rednecks, kkk, dickie shorts, wife beaters, racists, dark clothing, dirtbikers, skin heads, bro's, hats with brim flipped up, desert, dunes, tall cans, sd pride, srh, famous stars and straps, metal mulisha, homies, dank bud, back windshield decals, heroin, raves, white people, RV'S, hills, and rocks. Oh yeah its also hot as fuck out there. Home to two highschools, santana (klantana) and west hills (white hills). Also dont go there if your from lakeside or anywhere else because they can spot out-of-towners like a sore thumb
dude 1: yo homie you tryna go out to santee?

dude 2: nah man we might get robbed by some meth bro's and its too fuckin hot out there.

dude 1: true shit
by marco beltrami April 10, 2010

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