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2 definitions by mama biblio techa

Often mistakenly spelled, and pronounced, Fox News, this is a faux news channel where highly paid talking heads with highly piled hair talk in sound bites about really interesting and important world events.

What really confuses people is that it is a US news network with a French name (mispelled, of course, to further confuse those of us with only a middle school education).
"I heard it on Faux News so it must be true!"
by mama biblio techa April 09, 2011
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My three year old daughter explained it this way, "You can't call it a napkin, mommy cause it covers your lap."

Likewise, she explained that raindots are not rain drops because once they hit the windshield they are no longer falling. Out of the mouthes of babes!
Oh, nooooo! I spilled piss-bus-getti on my nice lellow lapkin!
by mama biblio techa April 09, 2011
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