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1.)A female name meaning bitter or uncertain. It's the Hawaiian form of "Mary"

2.)A beautiful exotic girl who speaks her mind regardless of what people think, Sexy, Smart, Kind of slutty but not a slut in anyway at all. A Maleah just loves to show her body but doesn't let anyone touch. A.K.A A Cock Tease.

3.) A confident Bitch

4.) Also spelled Malia, Maliah, or Maleia

5.) Also the name of the president's daughter!
Jim: Did you fuck her yet?

John: I tried to fuck her, but she won't let me, IDK why, I'd love to bang her

Jason: Well that sucks, she's a Maleah, the baddest bitch to walk the face of the earth, She'll let you look, but no touchie
by maleahsrock November 20, 2012

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