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Something people type in search bars with they're REALLY bored.
Guy: Last night i was so damn bored, I was up at 2am typing "lololololololololololololololololololol" into the Google search bar.
Girl: Wow, ive done that a whole bunch of times!
by m76mat December 25, 2010
Something that is usually in bad condition, worthless or crappy.
My computer is a hunk of junk, It takes 5 minutes to start up
by M76mat February 01, 2011
A city in Hernando county, Florida. The population is 92,144. It is in the Tampa bay area.
Person 1 : Hey, wanna go to the walmart in spring hill and race shopping carts?
Person 2 : Sure!
by M76mat January 22, 2011
A 2-d game that XgenStudios made.
Guy: Dude why werent you in class today?
Dude : I was playing Stick Arena all day.
by m76mat March 01, 2010
Someone who doesn't like the us state of florida, Aka a dumbass.
Florida hater - Tampa is a wannabe (Insert city name)
Cool person - It's funny how tampa was here FIRST.
Florida hater - ...
by m76mat November 28, 2010
A county in Florida. It is the county above Hillsborough county were Tampa is. The population is 462,715 and it is the 38th fastest growing county in the country.
Person : Pasco county is kinda like Hillsborough county's little brother.
Person 2 : I know right?
by M76mat January 22, 2011
An online flash game to test how fast you can type the Alphabet.
(Guy) Awesome! I just got 3.45 on finger frenzy!

(Dude) Big deal! I got 2.21 before.
by m76mat May 29, 2010

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