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1 definition by m. a .c. california

Commercial poser "punk rock" band lead by singer Hayley Williams, a typical scene girl who seems to be unable to write any songs beyond ones that are about break-ups/failed romances/and love. The songs sound like a bad mix of good charlotte and avril lavigne. Essentialy, the perfect band for 12 year-old girls to sing along to on their way to the mall.
Thank you Paramore for ruining the chances for REAL female musicians and vocalists to be taken seriously and respected.

Kathleen Hanna probably cries every time she hears Misery Business
12 year-old girl#1: OMMMGGG!!!! hayley williams RAWKS!

12 year old girl #2: I kno! Lets go to hot topic and buy their shirt then pretend we went to the paramore concert!
by m. a .c. california December 20, 2008