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3 definitions by lvillechris85

An elitist term for a typical domestic house cat.
Jillian, I'm afraid that your animal is little more than a house cat. Chou-chou, here, however—she is a glorious pussois!
by lvillechris85 March 15, 2009
A gay person who has tremendous sleuthing skills
We couldn't figure out who murdered that tranny, but Alexander finally solved the mystery. He's become a regular Fairy Mason!
by lvillechris85 March 15, 2009
1.) what a person becomes when he or she drives to pick-up his or booty call, then returns the person after the encounter

2.) alternately, the act of driving a friend or acquaintance (or family member) to a booty call when he or she is unable or unfit to drive, or without transportation.
Brandon left the bar to take Brenda to her hookup for the night. He's such a sex taxi.
by lvillechris85 March 13, 2009