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a girl who sleeps with matress delivery men. she kills washrooms for fun and restrains inmates who upset her. she has also had poo thrown at her on one occassion.
i just got shit thrown in my face and it tastes like caramel. im gonna go bang mario the delivery guy to deal with my shame. im such an ebonie.
by lupe69 July 03, 2011
A girl from kapuskasing who enjoys gummy bears... She is the laziest person at work but thinks we don't know. she plays in baseball tournaments and tosses her own turd. She is friends with a guy named Jimmy Montoya. She is also an amazing crop duster and knows how to do the Enchilada Grande.
She just finished throwing her poop around.and now she is going to Jimmy's house while crop dusting on the sidewalk. She's such a Jocelyn!
by lupe69 July 03, 2011

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