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1. Calm down
2. Chill out
3. Stop over reacting
Man 1: Hey dude, I slept with your wife.

Man 2: I'll kill you!!!

Man 1: Calm your nipples!
by luke mandese April 05, 2007
1. someone who is queer, or homsexual
2. A gay person that participates in acts of magic
guy: Did you go to the club last night?

guy2: Yeah, it was great, but this "fagician" kept asking me to dance..
by luke mandese September 13, 2007
When a homo sexual person becomes nude.
Bob: I was so drunk last night, i stumbled into a gay bar while club hoppin'.
Jim: What happened?
Bob: Well pretty soon i realized there were just a bunch of gayked guys there, so i got the hell out of there.
by luke mandese March 18, 2008

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