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When friends are retelling or recalling a story and refer to a group of people using the word "they" and someone doesn't know who the "they" is referring to resulting in a state of confusion and awkwardness.
person1: What time did you go to sleep?
person2: Like 3:00
person1: Oh..what time did they go to sleep?
person2: Who is they?
person1: What!?
person2: Who is they?
person1: Who they what?
by los urbanos December 09, 2009
someone who shits away time....
"Dude, stop time shitting! You're supposed to be studying!"
"Spending time on the the b9 board is not time shitting! And look at you. You're the time shitter, playing games all day. At least i am laughing my ass away."
by los urbanos December 09, 2009
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