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short hills is the hottest place on the planet. its gorgeous, hilly, woody, and mansions totally consume the place. 90% of the town is jewish. JAP, (jewish american princess), is a common everyday term, because the truth is, we're filthy rich. We wear all designer clothing from designer boutiques, drive around town in our mercedes, smoke tons of pot, and get crunk every weekend at parties. Our mall, The Mall at Short Hills, is freaking famous. Kids in short hills to to Millburn High, one of the top schools in new jersey. At least 10% of all graduates go to ivy league schools. Parents are top business executives and make 500,000 bucks a year. It's short hills, dont hate us, cause our daddies can outbuy ur houses and use them as garages.
ppl from neighboring towns; "OMFG, do you see what those short hill girls and guys are wearing?"

short hills ppl;"Welcome to Short Hills, bitch."
by lorita salls January 12, 2006

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