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A gangsta, tough guy, or bad dude so committed to getting to the fight as quick as possible that he will run out of the house in his underwear to punch on!!!!!
Here comes Doug Chug Underwear-Thug
by loosedolly April 02, 2011
term used to define the anal sex one would have with a guy with a pronounced bent cock
girl be careful with that one, he gotta a poo scraper
by loosedolly February 19, 2010
The musical genre of country and pop mashed together, so you know its country style but they have pop'd it up so it gets on the radio
Shania Twain, Taylor Swift are examples of artists who sing Cuntop
by loosedolly February 19, 2010
A human representation of a cross between the Emu and kangaroo animals usually found on an island at future music festival
Did you see Loza had discovered the Emroo on the Future music island
by loosedolly April 02, 2011
A sporty vag is when you can use your vagina in game play when playing kinect.
Oh i just smashed that ball with my sporty vag and scored points!
by loosedolly April 02, 2011
A sexual fetish practice where a darte is inserted into the japs eye of a flacid penis. Extreme cases involve indulgences of a hard member supporting the dart without aids or assistances.
That dude in the corner wants us to talk dirty to him so he can do a Joe Darte
by loosedolly April 02, 2011

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