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this is for the long lakers who would do ANYTHING just to be back at long lake camp for like 2 seconds...
to all the long lakers who spent hours rehersing, danced untill they collapsed, sang untill they couldnt sing anymore, sat through the princess bride, longed for midnight pizza, snuck food at the water park, snuck candy from packages, spent the 4th of july at the beach with the 'townies', been to hosses at least once, played teather ball, lost teatherball, know every word to rent, spent hours in the fab, have yelled hand check, have been yelled hand check by a counsler, groaned when hearing the word sports, attempted to climb herm rock, sat on the ladies bench, satin an oversized adirondac chair, signed the pac, the rylee or the walls of your bunk, know why hell night should be called peace and love night and why the next morning is hell, barely slept on hell night, cried because the session was over and of course... made the most amazing frineds
yeahh i went to long lake camp this summer.. and it was no joke the greatest 3 weeks of my life
by long lake obsessionn October 28, 2006

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