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Meaning: "What?" in a more comedic way.
The term could be used in several different ways.
Such as when you don't understand something or when somebody says something extremely random.
Person 1: I had a seizure yesterday.
Person 2: lolwut?
by lolwut0 December 09, 2010
An easier way to say "what's up?"
Before, it was considered "wassup"
Now, it's just simply, "sup"
Some people consider the term just a way to say "hello"
However, most people think of it was a question.
If somebody asks "sup", you must reply "nm, you?"
You would reply "same"
Person 1: Sup.
Person 2: My mother was beaten up by gang members and was sent to the hospital. You?
Person 1: Same.
by lolwut0 January 01, 2011
A person who learns about metal songs/bands from playing Guitar Hero.
Metal Head: Hey, have you heard of that band Metallica?
Guitar Hero Nerd: Yeah, from Guitar Hero.
by lolwut0 November 30, 2010
A person, usually under 18 years old, who adds random words and tries to make them popular and commonly used.
The words that these people add are usually non-creative and have no effort put into it.
Search your own name on the Urban Dictionary.
There ought to be some word makers in there.

My name - Kameron: 1. An evil laugh, one typically found when confronted by an evil peadophile. (Noun)

2. A way to describe a happy drunk that commits an act of verbal abuse. (Adj.)
3. Derogatory term to call someone lazy. (Noun)

Did you just hear her laugh?

I know that was such a Kameron!
by lolwut0 January 01, 2011

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