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Is an anorexic gay male who may or may not be attractive. Twinks are highly effeminate and can be quite obnoxious and annoying. They go out of their way to get attention from others and whine about stupid things thinking it's funny. They often talk trash about other people and are obsessed with superficial things like fashion. They love to shave their armpits, crotches and butts. They often act like vicious girls in high school. They are a sad stereotype of the gay male. Twinks come in all races,not just white anymore.
The Twink started to whine that the taste in his bubble gum had gone away making it a point to have everyone in the room be aware of it and going on about ad nauseaum.

The twink maxed out all his credit cards in order to be able to buy Prada shoes just so he could brag about the fact that he had the latest Prada to everyone even though he could not really afford it.

We were grossed out by all the Twinks on the dance floor spilling everyeone's drinks as they flapped their arms and who did not stop to apologize to anyone for it. They weren't even drunk yet laughed as they saw the drinks spill over the clothes of others.

We saw gaysian (asian gays) twinks while in San Francisco. They were just as repulsive as the white kind.

The Twinks made a spectacle of themselves in Victoria's Scret looking at women's underwear and howling while everyone else in the store looked in shock and horror.
by lnm3921 May 10, 2009

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