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2 definitions by lil smokie

In regards to performing anal sex on your partner when she is stuggling with explosive diarrhea. Even so it doesn't bother you or your dirty little penis that is now covered in brown chunks of what was once Taco Bell.
Last night I gave Melanie a soggy chili dog right in her tight little brown eye.
by lil smokie April 13, 2006
14 5
Similar to the Eiffel Tower one man gives it to the female doggy style and the other recieves a blow job simultaneously. In this position the girls' torso forms the middle part of the H and the men with their arms at side or raised form the legs. With pumping the H wobbles back and forth.
"Colby and I pulled a wobbily H in Mikes bed."
by lil smokie April 13, 2006
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