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8 definitions by levaisproductions

The slang definition of when someone is with people and has nothing else to do but check there phone every other second, even though knowing they don't have a message.
Trent- "How was your date with that girl?"

Levi- "It was kinda awkward.. I got that feeling when she was frequently 'nervous clicking.'"

Trent- Ahhh. Lo siento.
by Levaisproductions October 22, 2009
A southern state slang term that indicates the act of stealing from car's. Could be from incoming bills and fast cash from pond-shops.
Ricky- "Man, 3 bitches I knocked up last year are demanding $20.00 for child support. That's bullshit!"

Levi- "Well you better start Nigger's Christmas now or you're fucked."
by levaisproductions January 19, 2011
A rancid odor your penis gives off after not washing it. Could be the cause of masturbating and not cleaning your penis off afterwards to not washing your penis.
Levi- *takes off pants* "EWWW! I can smell a case of Stinky Pete already!"
by levaisproductions December 15, 2010
Treat an individual as they treat you.


Act exactly as someone, as if you are mirroring someone in behavior.

+Positive: Treat a person well if they treat you well.

-Negative: Treat a person bad if they treat you bad.
"I usually use the Mirror Rule when meeting someone new. It gives me a better understanding to how they behave if I act the same as well." (Found in a short story by Levi Cameron Grenko)


Person one: "Would you like a free ticket to the concert tonight?"

Person two: "I would love one! I'll pick you up so you don't have to waste gas."


Person one: "I can see the Freshman 15 hit you pretty hard."

Person two: "I can see from your bruises your boyfriend has been hitting you pretty hard too."
by levaisproductions October 27, 2011
The act of your penis to randomly start itching. Could be from chronic masturbating without washing or irritation to your junk.
Ricky- I haven't showered in days and my penis won't stop itching.

Levi- Definitely sounds like a case of an itchy mitch.
by Levaisproductions December 15, 2010
Dark ominous clouds that stray over a particularly blue sky.

Mainly pertaining to black storm clouds when it is still sunny.

Given to the terms of a crocodile as being vicious compared to the serene blue sky.
Ricky- Damn. It looks like it's going to rain soon.

Levi- Nah. The Crocodile Clouds make it look as it's going to storm, but you can see there's no other storm clouds.

Ricky- Good. Because I wanted us to play Tron with motorcycles.
by levaisproductions April 28, 2011
A simple thin layer of fat that lays over the belly, sort of resemblance to tar, that stops the individual from having a fit body.

The less severe word describing pudge which indicates the individual is not fat, but has a roll. With tudge on the other hand, it is about a penny in diameter if pulling on the skin to visualize the fat.
Levi- "Ricky, you just like those big Italian girls, you have to admit it."

Ricky- "I don't like them HUGE, but I like them to have alittle tudge on them. I like some meat you know."
by levaisproductions January 19, 2011